Curriculum Document Submission and Review

Curriculum Document Submission Procedures

Creation of a Curriculum Document

Download the Curriculum Document Template (Word DOC)

This template can be used to create a new course, make revisions to current courses, propose a new program of study and/or revise a current program of study. Once approved by the Senate, new or revised course documents also require a Form 40 (link to Purdue form) for each course.

Sample curriculum documents are available under the Archives section below and as part of the Approved Courses lists found at the left. Contact the chair of Curriculum and Educational Policy for more information.

When a department is making significant changes to a course, subject code or program of study, consider contacting the Office of the Registrar first to review what needs to be done to complete the change successfully.

Document Template Notes

  • Type of Document: Indicate if this document is for a Course or Program of Study.  Identify if this is an Addition, Deletion or Revision.
  • Subject: In this area indicate the specific topic of the curriculum change.
  • Justification: This paragraph explains the rationale for the proposed change.
  • Current/Proposed: This is where you list the old and new course (course change), new course, old course (deleted course), new and old major or minor.
  • Impact on Students: This paragraph must address how students currently in the program will be affected by the curriculum change. It will also address the benefit to the students in the curriculum.
  • Impact on Other Academic Units: This is particularly important when the course is a service course to other programs. In those instances please include a statement that you have discussed this with the department head(s) of the affected areas and indicate the results of the discussion. When adding or deleting a course from your curriculum, indicate the impact this will have on those departments and that they have been notified of this upcoming increase or decrease in demand for their courses.
  • Impact on University Resources: All curriculum changes impact University resources. Please address this issue.
  • Impact on General Education: Is this course one that fulfills general education requirements? Is this change one that changes general education in your area? Please address how general education requirements will be met.

For GenEd courses, please visit the General Education Page.

For Experiential Learning Courses, please visit the Experiential Learning page.

Submitting Documents for Approval

Once the school has approved the document, a document number will be assigned by the school committee and the document/file is named. The next step is to submit the document for review.

Name the Document

The name of the file should include the following information:

  • Document Type (New/Revised/Deleted/For Information Only)

  • Course # / Designator (i.e. OLS 342, MGMT 102)

  • Description (i.e. Computer Utilization, Scuba)
  • Document # (i.e. TECH 04-01, LASS 99-10)
    Example: addition of new course: ENGL 3XX-Woman Writers -LAS #03-01

Submit the Document

  • Go to the Submitting Curriculum Documents web page.
  • Enter the correct Academic Year and Meeting Month
  • Click on “Browse…”  to upload your document
  • Click on “Send Email”

Document Audit

CEP Chair will check for submitted documents – If you have questions about posting documents you may email the CEP chair directly.

Approval Processes

Approval by School Curriculum Committee

Each School has a curriculum committee.  Once a curriculum document has been created and approved by an academic department, it is sent on to the School Curriculum Committee for approval.  After the document is approved by School Curriculum Committee, the document is posted.  

Approval by CEP Committee

CEP Committee will review the documents that were posted prior to the posting deadline.  Once the documents are approved they are submitted to the Senate Agenda Committee.

Curriculum Document Due Dates for Spring Semester 2016:

January 6

February 3

March 2

April 6

Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee Meeting Dates for Spring Semester 2016 (all meetings held in CLO 314 from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. except at noted):

January 13

February 10

March 15 (3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. in CLO 314)

April 13

May 11

Approval by University Senate

Documents approved by the CEP committee are added to the Senate Agenda.  The documents are presented at the next Senate Meeting for approval. Senate Meeting dates are the first Wednesday of every month 3:30-5pm in SULB 321.

Notification & Paperwork

Once documents are approved by University Senate, the academic department and/or the document author will receive an email message from the Office of the Registrar.  This message will outline the forms that must be prepared to complete the process. Academic Departments will be notified as needed.  Once approved by the Senate, new or revised course documents also require a Form 40 (link to Purdue form) for each course. After the forms are prepared and signed they will be processed by the Office of the Registrar.

Archives of Approved Curriculum Documents

2014-2015 Approved Curriculum Documents

2013-2014 Approved Curriculum Documents

2012-2013 Approved Curriculum Documents

2011-2012 Approved Curriculum Documents

2010-2011 Approved Curriculum Documents